Construction and setup of SC, LAN and fiber optic communication lines

Structured cable systems (SCS), at the moment, is an integral part of any business. Without creating a reliable and well-built SCS, the normal operation of computer networks and telephony is impossible. Consider the features of building the SCS and its structure:

SCS Structure
The structure of the SCS involves the separation of cabling and accessories into separate

parts, each of which performs certain tasks and is equipped with a single interface for communication with other SCS and network equipment. SCS are created in such a way that all components are easily interchanged, have the ability to switch and this allows you to create a network that is easily and quickly modified. Our company supplies components for creating computer networks.

SCS versatility

The versatility of SCS is that the system is created not for a specific network technology, but is built on the principle of an open architecture with a given set of characteristics. Switching the SCS to each other and switching to the network equipment is performed using a specific set of wires with universal connectors, which greatly simplifies the system administration. Structured cable networks create an environment in which various equipment can operate (computer networks, telephony, video surveillance systems, access control systems and much more)

SCS redundancy

SCS should always be reconciled (extra sockets, cable routes). The stock allows you to quickly change the location of equipment in the office, to be independent of the location of information outlets. Creating a stock saves money because Upgrading the cable system is very expensive, and besides, during network upgrading, work with the network stops.

Reliability of Structured Cable Networks

The warranty on the SCS is very durable, about 10-20 years. But even in the event of an accident, malfunctions in the SCS are eliminated rather quickly due to the interchangeability of components.

Flexibility of Structured Cable Networks

During the operation of the Structured Cable Network, without making changes and without additional costs it is possible:

– change active and passive equipment for current tasks;

– post users as necessary;

Cost Effective Structured Cable Networks

Competently calculated and built with a reserve of SCS allows you to save money in the future and not to spend money on constant network upgrades. Our company offers its services in the design of SCS. SCS made on a good project is a guarantee of stable work and IT flexibility.

Installation of SCS is a priority for our organization. Structured cable networks mounted by our organization are thoroughly tested with special equipment. The cost of services is determined individually in each case.

FOCL – Fiber Optic Local Area Network

One of the most important operations in the construction of optical communication lines is the connection of optical fibers in the final and intermediate switching nodes. The quality of the connection of optical fibers depends on the life of the optical lines and the level of attenuation of the optical signal.

The most common and high-quality method of connecting optical fibers is fiber welding.

The process of welding optics consists of several stages:

– removal of the protective coating from the optical fiber;
– preparation of the ends of the optical fiber (spalling);
– installation of optical fiber in the apparatus for welding optics;
– direct fiber welding;
– quality control of fiber optic welding;
– protection of the place of welding of an optical fiber by means of a KDZS sleeve;
– laying the welded joint;

Our company has all the resources to perform high-quality and reliable welding of optical cable in the shortest possible time. For all work performed, we give a 60-month warranty certificate, documented