IP telephony and communication systems

Implementation of IP PBX Asterisk IP-telephony system allows you to significantly optimize business processes leveraging new communication capabilities which provide: increased intensity of information exchange between employees and customers, reduction of client application processing time, substantial savings on long-distance calls and equipment.

Following is detailed information on IP-PBX Asterisk system main advantages:

IP PBX Asterisk is based on the Linux operating system, the reliability of which is beyond any doubt. Of course, when choosing a server for PBX Asterisk, special attention should be paid to the reliability of the hardware platform. Even in the event of a failure, any computer can be configured as a PBX server by downloading an individual configuration saved earlier.

The IP PBX Asterisk comes with FreePbx, a graphical configuration management system, through which the tasks of adding a new subscriber, expanding functions or changing internal numbers become trivial and do not even require special telephony knowledge.

Asterisk IP PBX is an open system developed by a large community, therefore, it not only implements all standard and advanced PBX functions, but also features that are rarely found in other PBX systems. Every day there are new technologies that are immediately reflected in Asterisk.

Routing agility
The easiest way to test Asterisk’s flexibility is to route calls depending on any factors, such as time of day, date, line, number, employee presence in the office etc. Thanks to the AGI interface (Asterisk Gateway Interface, CGI analogue for WEB), Asterisk PBX can call any program written in any programming language and, based on its work, determine the further processing of the call.

As the number of internal subscribers or external lines increases, new IP phones or gateways are simply added to Asterisk-based PBXs. The same server can handle from 1 to hundreds of calls. With Asterisk, the acquisition of additional user licenses will never arise. When you reach the limits of load on one server, you can place another server nearby or in another office and double the performance absolutely transparently for your users.

Asterisk IP PBX configurations for various business tasks

IP PBX with call center features
Solution for quick call center organization. You will need 1 computer with an installed and configured IP PBX running on your local computer network. No “hard” PBX is needed, Asterisk will handle phone calls. You create the work rules yourself: who and when receives calls, what the subscriber hears, where the calls are redirected after work, what negotiations are recorded, etc.

Call center with CRM system
There is a need not only to receive calls, but also to fix the data on the subscribers? Record customer requests not on paper, but in a single database? You can add a free CRM system to an IP PBX, and you get an inexpensive call center with lots of useful features.

Contact center
Contact center based on IP PBX Asterisk can receive and make calls, send E-mail and SMS.

Single numbering plan
Creating a single numbering plan within your organization in all branches will allow your employees to communicate without using international lines and city lines. Each connected subscriber within the Asterisk IP-telephony system is allocated an internal number by which it is available from any phone of your organization.

Consolidation of telephony in offices at IP PBX Asterisk
Do you have several offices located in different cities or countries need to reduce communication costs? Asterisk will solve this problem using the Internet.Association of branches by IP network will provide the ability to call directly, bypassing the city and long-distance communication lines. This will significantly save on long-distance communications and even at the expense of this, recoup the equipment costs. At the same time, the introduction of the Asterisk IP telephony system will allow making calls to the regions of the branches at intrazone rates. Due to this, savings on long-distance calls can reach 50% – 80% and the quality of communication will not depend on international operators. Moreover, mobile employees, having connected to the Internet anywhere in the world, will have an office phone number, enjoy all the advantages of fast communication with colleagues and save on long-distance calls. At the same time, all calls will be transmitted via encrypted communication channels Open VPN.