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TELEROS Software Router

Russian high-performance network core software router for telecom operators, service providers and data centers.

Due to the unique data processing algorithm, the router is characterized by high performance (up to 4 million packets / sec. Per processor core).

Teleros router software provides support for most well-known protocols and hypervisors, can be installed on a general purpose server or in a virtual environment, and also customized according to customer requirements.

TELLUS Smart Station

Proper organization of office IT-infrastructure due to integrated solution of office tasks: organization of telephony (mini-PBX, DECT base station), setting up Internet access and local network, connecting peripheral devices, organizing NAS network storage

Thanks to an intuitive interface, even an ordinary employee can handle Tellus. Setting up a local network and Wi-Fi network takes 1 minute, launching a set of 10 work phones – 7 minutes, setting up a mini-PBX – 10 minutes.